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Residential Design

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Langford Waives Building Permit Fees

Mayor Stew Young announced he would waive residential building permit and subdivision application fees until the end of June to stimulate the local construction industry in Langford.  This coupled with the HRTC could save you thousands of dollars.  Reduce your construction budget by building a new home or renovating in Langford.  Thanks Stew!  See city of Langford’s site for more info. City of Langford

Home Renovation Tax Credit

imageFrom now until February 1st 2010 our Federal Government is offering a Home Renovation Tax Credit. This includes your plans. 

Click here for more information HRTC 

New Green Building Code

In September 2008 the BC Building Code added a new Green Building section, Part 10.  We are now required to install 6 litre toilets and low flow faucetts and shower heads.  Which saves water and money in the long run.  For new homes there is also the energy rating test.  Your home must meet a rating of 77 (soon to increase to 80).  Your plans are evaluated by an Energuide energy advisor, and your finished home will rquire a blower door test. This is where they can see if or where you will loose heat etc. 

Click here for more information. Energuide  Contact Wendy Smith for more information on getting your plans evaluated.

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